Super Water RPG

Super Water RPG is an awesome RPG. The game is in a very realistic 3D. You can choose between 100 different classes, all with very different gameplay. Fights are dynamic and the mechanics depends one the class you choose. There is some survival mechanics and you will have to explore the open world to find elements you will need. You can also build your own city and create each house in detail with the 3D software included in the game. All NPC in the game react to your behaviour and you can directly talk to them and they will answer you. Becarefull : all action you will take will have influence in the game. There is more than 1000 ends to the game, all really different ! You are also allowed to build spaceship and to travel in space to visit 3D generated planet. Each planet are randomly generated and fully visitable. You can even build a new city on them !

But unfortunately, the game takes place Beneath the Surface and the camera is Above the Surface. So you will not see much.